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Ulla Hellstrand Tang.

About Bike4Diab

Bike4Diab is a 90-day ride on bicycle to promote better foot health for people with diabetes. PhD Ulla Tang (certified prosthetist/orthotist and podiatrist) together with co-cyclists, will ride 2 000 kilometers through Sweden to put the spotlight on regional differences in footcare when it comes to prevention and care of foot complications for people with diabetes. The local diabetes association in Gouthenburg, Sweden (Göteborgs Diabetesförening) stands behind the project and coordinates the administration.


"Check my feet" the call for Bike4Diab. All people with diabetes should get an annual examination of their feet. If you have an elevated risk of getting foot ulcers you need help with foot care, advice about self care and access to appropriate shoes and insoles. If you have a foot ulcer you need a referral to medical specialists.

Why Bike4Diab?

Unfortunately the care available depends on where in Sweden you live. One of the consequences in the healthcare-chain can be seen in the Open Comparisons from 2015 made by the National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden. The comparison shows regional differences in the proportion of the population being amputated. Some regions, like Blekinge and Jämtland, have a small proportion of amputations, whereas other regions, like Västra Götaland, Halland, Västernorrland and Gotland, have significantly higher proportion of amputations. We can learn from regions who have been successful in working for a better foot health.


During the Bike4Diab-project several meetings are taking place across Sweden, where local conditions are discussed and people are joining together to implement smart solutions to implement better foot care. Local patient organizations, such as local diabetes associations, organize meetings to discuss how the local diabetes care works. Healthcare professionals, politicians, policymakers and patient representatives are invited to take part in the discussions. The latest research in the field of feet are presented. PhD Ulla Hellstrand Tang has worked for 35 years with patients as a certified prosthetist/orthotist, podiatrist and has lead her to seek answers as how to improve the quality of foot examinations. One answer could be to use the eCare-app during foot examinations.